Mosquito involve the transmission of viruses and parasites from animal-to-animal,anima-to-person or person-to-person,Without Afflicting the insects vectors with symptoms of disease.When a mosquito bites,Also injects saliva and anti-coagulants into the blood which may also contain disease-causing viruses or other parasites. This cycle can be interrupted by killing the mosquitoes, isolating infected people from all mosquitoes while they are infectious or vaccinating the exposed population.Mosquito Spreads malaria, Dengue Fever,Dog HeartwormDog Heartworm.Sometimes mosquitoes carry germs like viruses that can be transmitted to a person while the mosquito is feeding. Preventing mosquitoes from breeding and avoiding mosquito bites are the best ways to avoid getting these diseases.


Rat bites and scratches can result in disease and rat-bite fever. Rat urine is responsible for the spread of leptospirosis, which can result in liver and kidney damage. It  can also be contracted through handling or inhalation of scat. Complications include renal and liver failure, as well as cardiovascular problems.

Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), a viral infectious disease, is transmitted through the saliva and urine of rats. Some individuals experience long-term effects of lymphocytic choriomeningitis, while others experience only temporary discomfort.

House Fly

House flies are covered with small hairs that serve as taste organs. Their compound eyes are extremely complex: thousands of individual lenses allow them a wide field of vision.

House flies are major carriers of disease. They are known to transfer over 100 pathogens resulting in ailments, including typhoid, tuberculosis, cholera and dysentery. House flies collect these pathogens on their legs and mouths when feeding on feces, trash and other decaying material.

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