Butterflies contract dreadful diseases.Disease can come from contaminated food, from inside the egg the adult laid, from the surface of the egg the adult laid, or even from the nursery and gardening store! Mold or mildew from old food in the rearing container can cause problems.Disease is in nature. When a diseased caterpillar walks across leaves, dies on the leaves, or possibly an adult butterfly lay eggs on the leaves, that disease is often waiting on the leaf for the first caterpillar to eat. At that point, the caterpillar now has the disease


Lizards are insectivorous reptiles that are found in many habitats. House lizards are more noticed because of their cosmopolitan presence in houses, offices and educational institutes. Herpetophobia is a fear of reptiles and is found in most of the people round the world.Lizards are almost found everywhere and the due to their nocturnal habit; these are mostly active at night. Since it is a big household issue that is why this informative article will give you some insights of lizard control.This particular psychological fear is natural involuntary action of human brain.Symptoms include nasal discharge, weeping eyes, coughing, wheezing, and sneezing. Most reptilien colds require treatment with antibiotics prescribed by your vet, because generally you won't notice the symptoms until the animal has become quite ill.


Ants are social insects which live together in cooperative, intermingling colonies. The colonies may range in size from hundreds to millions of individuals, depending on the species. Within each colony are different types of individuals, each with a specific function. All ant colonies contain one or more queens, whose primary role is to lay eggs. The eggs hatch into white, grub-like larvae that later transform into adult "worker" ants. The workers feed and care for the queens and developing brood, and are the ones seen foraging for food and water, often at great distances from the colony

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